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Candle Making DIY

What is in your Candle Making Kit:

  • 1lb soy wax

  • 1oz candle oil

  • 2 pre-tabbed wicks (you will only need one for this process, but additional is provided in case needed)

  • 2 wick stickers

  • 1 wick setter

  • 1 candle vessel

  • 1 stirring stick


Additional items you’ll need:

  • Thermometer (optional but recommended)

  • A heat safe vessel to hold wax while it melts

  • (a 32oz mason jar will do but you can also use a glass bowl / jar)

  • Stove safe pot with a few inches of water

  • Towles or paper to cover your space and clean up messes if needed


Things to Remember:

  • Protect your work area with towels or wax paper before you begin

  • You will be working with hot wax – not boiling, but hot. Ensure you have heat safe gloves or a towel nearby

Step 1: Wick Your Jar

  • Remove 1 wick sticker from backing and place on tabbed end of wick.

  • Remove backing of sticker and place wick at the center of the bottom

         of the candle jar

  • Not to worry if wick is not centered of jar, the candle will still burn fine.

Step 2: Melt Your Wax

  • Insert your wax into the mason jar or other heat safe container. 

  • Pour a few inches of water into a stove safe pot and put on medium/ low heat.

  • Place mason jar in pot. Check this every few minutes, using your stirrer to move

           the wax around, helping it to melt more evenly.

  • Once wax is ~75% melted, insert thermometer to check the temperature.

  • Once wax is at 175° F, carefully remove from heat and place on a heat safe, flat surface.

  • If you do not have a thermometer, you can remove from heat when the wax is fully

         melted. At this point, the soy wax will be transparent with no solid flake residue in

          container. If doing this, I recommend keeping a close watch on the wax to ensure it

does not get too hot.



Step 3: Mix in Your Scent

  • If wax temperature surpassed 180° F, let stand at room temperature until the temperature has gone down. Wax should be no hotter than 180° F when oil is added as the high temperature will cause the oil to burn out too quickly, leaving you with a scentless candle.

  • Pour entire 1oz oil into your melted wax jar.

  • Using your stirring stick, stir wax and oil together for ~30 seconds.


Step 4: Pour Your Candle

  • After mixing your oil and wax together, carefully pour contents of jar into your wicked candle jar to ~1/2 inch below top of jar.

  • You may have some leftover oil and wax. You can either place this in a small plastic container to set and use in a wax melter, or simply pour in the trash (over some paper towels or something else to absorb the liquid). Do not pour down your drain!


Step 5: Set Your Wick  

  • Once candle is poured, thread wick into the center hole in the wick setter

        and place on top of jar.

  • Try to place your wick close to the center of the jar to ensure an even burn.

  • If slightly off-center, the candle will still burn just fine.


Step 6: Light and Enjoy

  • Your candle will set in about 60 minutes. Timing may vary depending on temperature of the room. Your candle will be ready when the top has turned white.

  • At this point, you can remove your wick setter and trim your wick to approx. ¼ in.

  • You can light you candle now and enjoy BUT, to get the best results, let your candle sit for 1-2 weeks to allow you candle to cure. The curing process allows the wax and fragrance to blend, boosting the scent throw (length at which you can smell your candle) and scent of your finished candle.

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